Report on the Midweek League’s AGM held on Wednesday 8 December 2004 at Newdigate Social Club.


Format of League


Basically, it will remain the same with the addition of one extra team, Sphinx. This is dependent on all the other teams in the league re-confirming their membership.


If all do reconfirm then they’ll be 12 teams. Therefore, 11 games plus the cup competition tagged on at the end of the season.


The league will run from 4 May to 13 July with the cup starting the following week and the final, in theory, being on 10 August.


I did suggest that we just continue with league games until a suitable date and scrap the cup competition but this received no support!


The general feeling was that most clubs preferred the new system because the season was shorter and meant games weren’t finishing in the dark. In addition, some felt that the new format should be given another chance while Peter Cox was concerned about retaining the integrity of the league! i.e. teams only play each other only once.


They seem to have forgotten all the carry on we had not only rearranging the cup ties but also the league games. I did point this out and also that it would make the organisation of the league easier if there were a sufficient amount of league games to make up for those rained off. Alas it was to no avail.


They also seemed very pleased with themselves that they played the final on a Sunday morning and that they managed to get a 20 overs per side game in.




Winners of the averages: (it should be noted that only 5-6 clubs actually returned their averages to the league as requested)



Dave Edmunds, Kenilworth

Innings – 10

No’s – 4

Runs – 340

Average – 56.67


NB: Chris Lamb would have probably won (not sure about the number of innings needed to qualify) if he had not played against Highway in the semi-final. He was due to have been away when the match was to have originally taken place but was then available after it was re-scheduled!




John Young, Coventry University

Overs – 33

Maidens – 5

Runs – 120

Wickets – 13

Average – 9.23


NB: Lamb snr was not too far away in this category.