WUSGCC Chairman's Report 2016


       What is going to be remembered about our club in 2016 is that we won the League Championship of the South Northamptonshire Cricket League, finishing unassailably top of the Premier Division with two games to go. This was a well planned campaign by skipper Ankur Chandra and his men and demonstrated that the team had learned lessons from previous campaigns. This success ticked a lot of boxes for a lot of people - in some cases final boxes. Since I umpired the side on four occasions, watched them in other games and played with most of the players on some occasion or other I have been bold enough to comment on the standard of play achieved. My conclusion was that the fielding, captaincy and bowling was up to the highest standards in the club's history, but that the batting - especially the attacking batting - was much better than that. Whereas we have often (sometimes?) had batsmen who could take opponents apart, here was a whole team of them.

       But it was not only the Saturday team which was successful: the ten victories (against four defeats) of the Sunday side in a strong fixture list was also a considerable achievent. Our midweek cricket was less successful whether in the Wednesday league, the cups or the Thursday games, though we did win the intra-mural challenge rather more easily than on any previous occasion.

       As always we face many challenges including (at the time of writing) the overwhelming probability of a change of league and a considerable change of personnel. There is also the question of the erosion of our fixture list in several respects, including the decline of midweek friendly fixtures and the near-disappearance of September cricket. But we have faced such challenges before and though there is no cause for complacency, nor is there cause for pessimism.




 Lincoln Allison