Chairman's Report 2015 - WUSGCC


This was a pretty good season and the highlights were:


Saturday bronze: Coming third in the SNCL Premier Division is a ranking that the club has only bettered once. There were some excellent performances and it was clear that our level made us contenders. A better start and a bit more consistency and the title is a possibility next season. In that context it is good that there will be continuity in running the side.


Sunday eleven: Eleven Sunday victories was better than any year in the last decade except 2011and equal with that year in the number of wins (8) during the league season. This reflected a better and more settled group than usual.


Intra-mural success: We won our series against the league select XI 2-0. The first game was a 1-run thriller, achieved from a position in which we seemed dead and buried, the second a high-scoring affair. These games are both more meaningful and easier to organise than most evening games and give us useful contacts with the non-member cricketers in our constituency.


       By contrast the Wednesday team had a relatively poor record with only five victories out of fourteen. It is clear that all over the country evening cricket is struggling largely because of longer working hours and traffic congestion and we are certainly no exception. Back in the day when we won the "Coventry Senior League" twice our Wednesday side was the strongest we turned out, but this is no longer the case. We should see if we can do anything about this.


       Other matters for concern:


1. Although the general condition of the playing surfaces on our home grounds is good and has improved and we welcome the re-establishment of outdoor nets, the conditions in which we entertain visitors, with proper lavatories a quarter of a mile away and only "pic-nic" food and drink possible, are manifestly unsatisfactory and we need to open a proper discussion on this.


2. (As Danny has pointed out) recruitment is always going to be a problem for us because of our high turnover and the size of the university. The construction of an adequate contact list is also problematical and needs attention.


3. Good, varied Sunday fixtures are also a problem and Steve Lamb and myself are proposing that we act as joint fixtures secretaries, pooling information and setting to work relatively early. We expect Andy Davidson to join us in the organisation of the team during the season itself.


Finally, I am adding an appendix to this report. Although this was a good season and we are operating successfully at our current scale I think we should all be aware that the club has contracted its range of activities considerably over the last decade and I think we ought to consider the things we used to do and whether we want to revive any of them.




Lincoln Allison September 2015