Warwick University Staff and Graduate Cricket Club


Annual General Meeting 2009



Present: Lincoln Allison, Rob Burns, Neil Carter, Rob Evans, Steve Lamb, Martin Lees, Alan Lovell, Ajit Nair, Nicky Sandhu, Sandeep Sandhu, Mike Smith, Paul Wilson, Rob Wood, Andy Wootton, Richard Lamb.


1.      Apologies: Chris Cooper, Chris Stride.



2.      Election of officers. The club officials for 2010 were agreed:


Chairman – Lincoln Allison


Saturday captain – Sandeep Sandhu


Saturday vice-captain - Michael Allison


Sunday captain – Nicky Sandhu, with a system of monthly captains


Wednesday captain - Rob Wood


Midweek friendly organiser - Lincoln Allison


Fixtures secretary - Chris Stride


League secretary - Chris Cooper


Treasurer - Paul Wilson


Archivist and Coach – Alan Lovell


Web editor – Rob Wood


Membership secretary – Nicky Sandhu


            Availability secretary – Martin Lees


There was discussion about the process of posting match reports. Preference was expressed for sharing editing rights among several members or for emailing reports as an attachment to the web editor.


3.      Recruitment

Paul reported that the Sports Fair in Freshers’ Week had attracted eighteen possible new players. Two informal social gatherings had enabled several of these to meet with current members. The club banner had been displayed outside the Student Union during the last week of term and would be displayed in the first two weeks of term in January, to attract new postgraduates to the club. Thanks were offered to those contributing to the recruitment process.


4.      Finances and Warwick Sport

Paul reported a small surplus for the year of £288.41, leaving a closing bank balance of £784.84. The two-tier subscription had worked well in 2009, so that new members had been able to choose to pay an initial £12 for nets, topped up to the full £25 if they subsequently played matches. Membership had reached 40 in 2009, up from 37 in 2008, and the £815 budget allocation from Warwick Sport, for which the club is very grateful, had been used principally on equipment and balls. Transport costs had been limited to one hiring of a minibus for a midweek SNCL cup game.

For 2010, the budget allocation from Warwick Sport would be £960, but since this was based on an application from the treasurer for two Saturday teams, not all of this would be taken up. The levy that the club pays to Warwick Sport out of the subscriptions received would remain at £4 per member in 2010, paid by the treasurer. It would be £40 to join Warwick Sport.

The need for joining the MCCC was questioned, which will be followed up by the Treasurer with the fixture secretary.

A full inventory of kit would be carried out in January, to work out the purchasing needs for 2010. A request was made for used balls to be added to the diminishing stock of net balls.


5.      Fixtures

Lincoln reported that the nervousness about meeting certain fixtures before the 2009 season had largely been unfounded.

The main issue for 2010 fixtures was whether there should be a fixture every Sunday. Currently there were some uncertain Sundays and some empty Sundays in the season calendar.

It was agreed that the SNCL Cup would be entered but not the Wardington Cup.


6.      Presentation of reports

  1. Chairman’s report. Lincoln had previously circulated his report.
  2. First Team report. A discussion was had about the lessons of the 2009 season in all areas of the game, including how attacking or defensive the fields should be set.
  3. Second Team report. Lincoln and Nicky reported that the season had been a struggle despite some satisfactions.

     iv.            Sunday report. It was noted the Sunday record had been better than that of 2008.

       v.            Report of SNCL AGM. The following rule changes had been passed:

a)      Increased fines for teams that do not turn up.

b)      For a game to be completed a minimum of 40 overs has to be bowled in the second innings.      


7.      Presentation of Awards

Robert Pettifer Clubman of the Year. Lincoln had canvassed opinion and, with Steve an honourable runner-up, overwhelming nominations had been made for Alan for his unstinting efforts at nets, on match days and as club archivist.

Player of the Year. With no-one having an outstanding season, this was awarded jointly to the players scoring the most runs and taking the most wickets: Michael Allison and Nicky Sandu.





8.      Cricket Festival

In the absence of the annual tour, different ideas were aired involving 3-match festival at home. The August Bank Holiday weekend was considered a good timing. Possible opponents include Fireflies, Barnards Green and Aberdare – the latter two our recent tour opponents who are keen to continue the link. As 2010 will see the Chairman celebrating 40 years in the club, another possibility may be a Chairman’s XI game. It was noted that it would be important to book pitches well in advance for these games.


9.      AOB.

The outcome of the November EGM was recapped, underlining that no new players could be added to the exception list. There was discussion about the clarity of the original policy and its communication. There was a strong feeling that the positive contribution made by the club to the wider university should be recognised. A recap was given of the arrangement whereby Ajit, Ajay and Nicky would be permitted to join Warwick Sports and continue playing for the club in 2010, in view of their exceptional all-round contribution to the club.


The meeting closed at 7.55pm and a number of members adjourned to Earlsdon for a celebratory meal.