Warwick University Staff and Graduate Cricket Club


Annual General Meeting 2008


Present: Rob Burns, Neil Carter, Chris Cooper, Rob Evans, Andrew Hardwick, Sohail Iqbal, Kevin Jacob, Vijay Krishnan, Deepak Kumaresan, Steve Lamb, Martin Lees, Alan Lovell, Ajit Nair, Nicky Sandhu, Sandeep Sandhu, Mike Smith, Paul Wilson, Rob Wood, Andy Wootton.


Apologies: Lincoln Allison, Nick Boucher, Steven Cammiss, Warren Finlay, Chris Lamb, Richard Lamb, Terry Monnington, Kevin Morrell, Ajay Nair, Chris Stride, Aditya Venkat, David Wilson.


  1. It was proposed and agreed as an excellent idea that a new award be initiated in memory of Robert Pettifer, a stalwart of the club from the late 1980s through to the mid-2000s who sadly passed away this year. The award will be presented to the player who contributes most to the club during the year. The Treasurer will purchase a suitable trophy for this purpose.



  1. Election of officers. The club officials for 2009 are:


Chairman Ė Lincoln Allison


First XI captain - Steve Lamb


Second XI captain - Michael Allison


Sunday captain - Rob Evans


Wednesday captain - Rob Wood


Sunday captain Ė Rob Evans


Midweek friendly captain - Lincoln Allison 1


Secretary - Chris Cooper


Friendly fixtures secretary and Web editor - Chris Stride 2


Treasurer - Paul Wilson


Membership secretary Ė vacant 3


Premier League Umpire Ė Andrew Hardwick


Coach and Archivist - Alan Lovell.


1 Lincoln can do all the preliminary admin for these games, including tour, but may be away for most of the Thursday evening games in May and June, so would welcome a deputy or two to deal with these games.

2 Chris Stride is to take over the administration of friendly fixtures after consultation with Chris Cooper.

3 Due to family commitments Steven Cammiss will not be able to attend nets regularly and will therefore be standing down as Membership secretary. No-one present came forward as a replacement and therefore the position will be filled after an email request to members.



Thanks were offered to all the officers for their considerable work during the 2008 season.


  1. Equipment. It was reported that inventories of club kit and equipment had been taken in May and November. After the final game of the season, a club bag was found on top of the locker in the sports centre, and an inventory of kit carried out in November showed that certain items had gone astray. Rob Evans and Paul Wilson had identified kit needs for 2009 and the necessary purchases would be made. A request was made for used balls to be added to the diminishing stock of net balls.


  1. Consideration of reports.


  1. Chairmanís report. Lincolnís full written report was circulated. The weather had again been poor, although it was pointed out that the 1st and 2nd XIs combined had only lost two games to the weather during the league season. The overall record of the season had been 29 wins and 29 losses. The 1st XI had come fourth while the 2nd XI had been relegated back to SNCL Division 3.
  2. First Team Captainís report. Steve noted that the top four in the Premier Division, which included us, had finished some way ahead of the rest, and this was an accurate reflection of the season. We were the only team to have beaten the eventual champions. Several games had been tight but we had won most of these on merit. The batting was seen as the weaker part of the teamís game, possibly due to a twenty-20 approach from the batsmen. The team spirit and acceptance of decisions was noted, and this had been respected by umpires. Thanks were offered to Andrew Hardwick for his consistent umpiring through the season.
  3. Wednesday captainís report. Rob reported that a promising start had tailed off, finishing in a mid-table position. Some opposition teams, notably Pak Shaheen, Highway and Bablake, had been particularly strong. Transport had not been an issue, as there had always been at least two car-owners in the team.
  4. Second Team report. In the absence of Mike, Nicky Sandhu gave a season summary. A decent start to the season had been followed by a slide, due to the strength of opposition and the withdrawals to the 1st XI. A lack of familiarity with new players had not helped the cause. The games had also been poorly scored which showed a certain absence of responsibility by players.

      v.            Sunday report. Discussion was left to the separate agenda item.

    vi.            Report of SNCL AGM 28/11/08. Chris reported that the meeting at Woodford Halse had agreed that the changes to umpiring regulations in 2008 had gone down well, and that club umpires would now be able to submit ground reports. We had come 3rd in the evaluation of grounds in the SNCL, and thanks were expressed to David Wilson and the groundstaff for this. The following rule changes were passed:

a)     A player can only play for one club in a season.

b)     Fines for not informing Pat Ashby of the match result will be increased to £10 for a first offence, £20 for a second and £20 plus a 5-point deduction for a third.

c)     Not more than one team from the same club will be permitted in the same division, although the fine detail is to be confirmed.

d)     It is the responsibility of clubs to inform umpires of a cancellation.

e)     Northampton Grange Park will be permitted to use an artificial pitch.

f)       It will not be compulsory to enter the divisional cup competitions, but entries have to be made by 31/12/08.†††††

A discussion of f) highlighted the difficulty of raising teams for two cup matches on the same evening in mid-week, especially long-distance away games. The experience of 2008 led to the decision not to allow any future opposition requests for postponements. It was agreed that the club would enter both cup competitions in 2009 and that selection for cup games would take priority over friendly matches, if they coincided. This would be achieved through close consultation between the selectors.

Chris reported the make-up of the Premier and Third divisions for 2009.


  1. Treasurerís Business. Paul reported a small surplus for the year of £35.76, leaving a closing bank balance of £496.48. The subscribed membership had been 37, slightly lower than anticipated, and the £750 budget allocation from Warwick Sport, for which the club is very grateful, had been used principally on equipment and balls. Secretarial expenses had been lower than in 2007, suggesting an improvement in membersí communication with captains and selectors. Transport costs had been limited to one hiring of a minibus for a first team game, as there had been no need for hired transport on Wednesdays. An amount of £263.45 had been used in October to buy 15 Double Century balls and 20 seconds from the Dukes sale.

For 2009, the budget allocation from Warwick Sport would be £815. The levy that the club pays to Warwick Sport out of the subscriptions received would rise from £3 to £4 per member in 2009. It would still be £32 to join Warwick Sport for all players in the club, an arrangement the club greatly appreciates. For 2009 it was agreed in principle that players who may initially wish only to attend nets, rather than playing in matches, would make a contribution to the club at a rate to be set by the treasurer, in order to cover the cost to the club of providing equipment. There would therefore be a two-tier method of paying subscriptions, details of which would be confirmed when the overall budget for 2009 was drawn up. The fuel costs to drivers, and to the club when a minibus is hired, in making the journeys to away games was again discussed, with reference to Paulís spreadsheet of fuel costs for away games. The principle was underlined that those who benefit from this transport, whether private or University, should contribute to its cost.


  1. Recruitment. Paul reported that the Sports Fair in Freshersí Week had attracted twelve possible new players from seven different departments. A banner had been bought and displayed outside the Student Union during the last three weeks of term; it would be displayed through January too, to attract new postgraduates to the club. A stall would be organised at the Warwick Network event for staff on December 10th and the club had been mentioned in the most recent Warwick Sport email. Thanks were offered to those contributing to the recruitment process.


  1. Grounds. A written report was tabled by David Wilson. The Lakeside wicket, and to a lesser extent Roadside too, had been worked on with the advice of a specialist consultant during autumn 2007. Both wickets had performed extremely well, due in no small part to the hard work put in by Charlie Yeomans and his team. A vote of thanks was offered to David, Charlie and the team for their efforts. The condition of the outdoor nets would be monitored but it was thought likely that nets would remain indoors throughout the season once again. The standard of the scoreboard on Lakeside was questioned, as it is small and difficult to read from the middle. The question of fencing on Lakeside, to prevent loss of balls on the far side, was also raised. Rob Evans would communicate with Steve Sharman on these matters.


  1. 2008 Season Review. The Chairmanís seasonal survey was outlined in a written summary, which was distributed. The Best Match suggestions included the first team games against Byfield (A), Syresham (H) and Fenny Compton (A), and the second team games against Gayton (A) and Croughton (H). Best Performance suggestions included Aliís bowling against Byfield, Ajitís batting and bowling against Fenny Compton (A) and Rob Woodís catches against Syresham (H). For the seconds, mentions were made of Jamilís batting performance against Croughton (H) and Jonathan Wortmannís wicket-keeping against Gayton in the cup semi-final. Two innings of 99 from Rob Wood in the only tour game and from Rich Lamb against Hunningham also received a mention. It was agreed that whole-team performances had swayed results in our favour on several occasions.

The First Team Skipper dominated the nominations for best match report, by virtue of being the sole correspondent. From this fact, it was decided that other report writers should volunteer or be nominated. The standard of scoring in the second team scorebook was said to have been poor. The importance of having an accurate record of matches was underlined.


  1. Sunday Cricket. Given the difficulties in 2008 in raising eleven players and also teams of sufficient quality to be competitive, the club policy for 2009 was discussed. Chris Cooper produced a spreadsheet to categorise the 2008 Sunday and Thursday friendly opposition. Very few of these games had been at home, and the distance travelled to away matches had been reduced. A potential conflict between having friendly matches on both a Thursday and Sunday in the same week was identified. Chris emphasised the need to establish fixtures before the start of the season since changes in the working of the MCCC, and proposed the omission of certain Sunday games to leave gaps in the fixture list. Other views centred on the outcome of the recruitment process and the availability of first team regulars for the strongest fixtures. The two fixture secretaries and the Sunday captain were mandated to resolve the Sunday question.
  2. Player of the Year. This was awarded to Ajit Nair for his excellent performances both with bat and ball, with his match-winning innings of 41* against Fenny Compton the outstanding memory.


  1. AOB. A reminder was given of the importance of the tasks involved in running the club and managing match days. Support in the setting out of boundary markers, the making of teas, the safeguarding of club kit and accurate scoring in the book were all encouraged. Notice was given that nets would begin on Friday 9th January 2009.


The meeting closed at 8.30 and a number of members adjourned to Leamington for a celebratory meal.