Warwick University Staff and Graduate C.C.

2004 Annual General Meeting



Held at the "Virgins and Castle", Kenilworth, on Friday 10th December 2004.


Present: Michael Allison, Nick Boucher, Rob Burns, Steven Cammiss, Neil Carter, Chris Cooper, Richard Dobedoe, Warren Finlay, Clive Gregory, Richard Lamb, Steve Lamb, Martin Lees, Alan Lovell, Hywel Lovell, James Perkins, Mike Smith, David Storey, Rob Wood.


Apologies: Lincoln Allison, Reginald Darius, Ken Faisey, Nick Goold, David Hughes, Christopher Lamb, Chris Stride, David Wilson.



1. The club's success and growth had continued in 2004, though the greater competitiveness of Division 1 of the SNCL had meant that losses had outnumbered wins by eight to seven. The inaugural season of the club second Saturday XI had been most successful, the team winning promotion from Division 4 to Division 3. There had been victory also in the SNCL Division 1 cup competition. The mid-week league XI had been competitive, finishing mid-table in the league and reaching the semi-final of the subsequent knock-out cup. The Sunday and mid-week friendly fixtures had been the most successful of all, with only five losses. The cricket had been of a good standard and had been enjoyed by everyone who had played. The Chairman's and captains' reports, which had been posted on the web site, gave a fuller flavour of the season.


2. There was general agreement that the batting had let both the Saturday league teams down, with honourable exceptions. The bowling had mostly made up for the deficiencies in batting.


3. Club Officers. All the 2004 officers were prepared to stand for the 2005 season except for Robert Pettifer as Sunday Captain. Sincere thanks were offered to the 2004 officers for their work and their willingness to continue in office. The 2005 officers would be:


4. Robert Pettifer was thanked for his years of work as Sunday captain. Sunday selection sometimes had to defer to Saturday league XI requirements and the captain's job was sometimes frustrating. Robert himself hoped to be back on the field before too long.


5. Particular appreciation was expressed for certain other aspects of the work done for the Club - Chris Stride's web site, Chris Cooper's fixtures, Steven Cammiss's availability co-ordination and the captains' efforts in selection and team raising were all mentioned in despatches.


6. Fixtures. The fixtures were well established and few changes were even contemplated. It would be sensible to leave a few gaps, particularly on the days when cup matches were anticipated, as it was quite easy to find opposition at short notice. There was considerable regret occasioned by having had to let Horley down at short notice in 2004, possibly the first time the Club had had to cancel through lack of players, and the fixture was to be moved to a different day in 2005.


7. Sphinx had joined the Wednesday league, making12 teams. Each would play the others once, leading to eleven league fixtures. These would be followed by a cup competition in late July and August.


8. Recruitment. 22 players would again be needed every Saturday in 2005. Players had been found in 2004 but it had sometimes been a struggle, particularly during the holiday season, and it would have been impossible without the unexpected and very welcome influx of Asian players. Seven new full-time MBA students had expressed an interest in cricket and they would be contacted shortly. A recruitment notice would be most useful and it was hoped that Chris Stride and Rob Wood would co-operate to produce and distribute this.


9. Selection. Steven Cammiss agreed with some reluctance to run the availability co-ordination scheme again in 2005. Selection would be made only from players who had notified their availability in advance. Email confirmation of selection to all three team captains was essential - failure to confirm would be taken as inability to play - and confirmations should be adhered to, once given, in all save exceptional circumstances. The system sounded draconian but was in practice simple to operate and gave captains some security in having eleven players on the field.


10. There was perhaps a need for more movement between the two Saturday league teams, particularly when a player had been successful in the B team. Care was needed to prevent the two Saturday teams becoming independent from each other.


11. Selection would be carried out by Steve Lamb, Steven Cammiss and the Sunday captain.


12. It was emphasised again that players must not drop out late from the Saturday first XI under any normal circumstances, as this could lead to depletion of second XI ranks and an impossible situation for the second XI captain.


13. Nets. Staff Club winter nets would be held on Fridays from 5.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m., starting on January 7th 2005. There had been a request from Stoneleigh C.C. to share the Club's winter nets but after discussion it was clear that members preferred to net amongst their own. It was suggested that Stoneleigh might want to take the final half-hour of the Staff Club's booking (hence the 7.00 finish rather than 7.30) and continue for the next hour as well.


14. The outdoor nets were still poor, indeed dangerous at pace. Nothing had been done in the year since the discussion at the last AGM. The subject would again be raised with the University authorities.


15. Grounds. Improvements had been made since the end of the 2003 season and members wanted to thank the ground staff for the work done. Furthermore, the existence of two Saturday teams had made it necessary to produce a pitch every Saturday during the league season, for which further thanks were offered.


16. It was believed that a new grounds superintendent had been appointed but it was not known who was to be the superintendent.


17. The Roadside ground was the Club's first choice ground and it was requested that it should be kept open to the end of the season. This had been promised for 2004 but it had not always been offered.


18. It was again requested that the position of the boundary should be moved to take account of the position of the pitch actually being used. It was hoped to avoid boundaries of enormous length on one side when the end pitch on the square was being used.


19. Steve Lamb offered to take up these and any other points with the University. Opinions about the condition of the grounds should be expressed to Steve.


20. Tour. Home clubs on the Welsh tour were having increasing difficulties in fulfilling weekend fixtures because of their league commitments, and the same was true of the Staff Club. Preference was for the existing Wednesday-Sunday tour, but practicalities indicated that a midweek tour would be essential in future.


21. Members wanted either a four- or a five-day tour, possibly with a free day in the middle. The first fixture should be the Fossils and the tour should finish on Friday in Aberystwyth, where the team should stay for some of the time. Fixture availability would be critical and Lincoln Allison was left with the freedom to organise what was possible, with members' thanks.


22. Equipment. There had been negligible expenditure on club kit in 2004. Requirements for 2005 included one bat and possibly some wicket-keeping kit, but little else. The keeper's kit was important because there had been occasions when the club had turned up without kit and had had to borrow from the opposition. Two sets were needed every Saturday. Rob Wood would buy what was needed.


23. A second kit bag had been found to be unnecessary. The single bag was taken to B team matches on Saturdays.


24. Finance. There had been a surplus of 440 in 2004 and, with end-of-season sale purchases, there was a stock of 30 balls for 2005.


25. The annual subscription for 2005 would revert to 15, payable by all. The cost of umpires, teas and match fees would continue to be borne by the players in individual matches.


26. Teas. There was an obligation on members to put themselves forward to supply teas.


27. Other Business. It was absolutely essential to behave in a sporting manner on the field and during the times before and after play. There had been some regrettable lapses from good behaviour in 2004, mostly in the first Saturday XI. There would be no further instances.


28. Alan Lovell was thanked most gratefully for his continued umpiring for the Club.


29. Player of the Year was Nick Boucher, despite strong claims from at least half a dozen other players.


30. There had been two maiden centuries in 2004, by Christopher Lamb and Michael Allison, and congratulations were offered to them.


31. The Club had missed their opportunity to propose any rule changes at the SNCL AGM this year. Suggestions should be put to Chris Cooper soon after the end of the season so that there was time to give the necessary notice to the SNCL in writing


32. Petrol money should be offered to drivers of shared cars, as a matter of course.


33. The SNCL Division 1 cup would be returned very early in 2005. A fine had been paid for late return in 2004 of the Division 2 cup. Disgraceful.


34. There was a plea for more brevity in some match reports. Humour was not always obvious to those not actually present at games.


Following the obligatory curry in Leamington Spa, members' cars were found to have been importuned by "Lisa Lashes" who promised "Good Hard Xmas Lashings". Slightly further research showed that the lady was a DJ who had been a Jehovah's Witness in childhood and then spent six years working for Marks and Spencers. Ah well.