Warwick University Staff and Graduate C.C.


2003 Annual General Meeting


Held at the "Virgins and Castle", Kenilworth, on Thursday 11th December 2003.


Present: Lincoln Allison, Nick Boucher, Rob Burns, Steven Cammiss, Neil Carter, Chris Cooper, Richard Dobedoe, Warren Finlay, Nick Goold, Clive Gregory, Mike Keating, Richard Lamb, Steve Lamb, Martin Lees, Alan Lovell, Hywel Lovell, Terry Monnington, James Perkins, Robert Pettifer, Mike Smith, David Wilson, Rob Wood.


Apologies: Reginald Darius, Ken Faisey, Dan Hall, Chris Stride, Roddy Vann.


1. The club had had another successful season in 2003, winning promotion to Division 1 of the SNCL and coming third in the mid-week league. There had been victory also in the SNCL Division 2 cup competition. Twice as many victories as defeats had been achieved overall. The cricket had been of a good standard and had been enjoyed by all who had played. The Chairman's report, which had been posted on the web site some months earlier, gave a fuller flavour of the season.

2. Club Officers. All the 2003 officers were prepared to stand for the 2004 season and there were other proposals only for new positions. Thanks were offered to the 2003 officers for their work and their willingness to continue in office. The 2004 officers would be:

Chairman - Lincoln Allison

Saturday Captain - Steve Lamb

Saturday Vice-captain - Chris Cooper

2nd XI Captain - Steven Cammiss

2nd XI Vice-captain - Lincoln Allison

Sunday Captain - Robert Pettifer

Wednesday Captain - Neil Carter

Social Fixtures Captain - Lincoln Allison

Club and Fixture Secretary - Chris Cooper

Treasurer - Nick Boucher

Archivist - Alan Lovell

Webmaster - Chris Stride

3.        Particular appreciation of the sheer quality of Chris Stride's web site was, as ever, forthcoming from all.

4         Fixtures. Most of the fixtures were well established and there were question marks over only six of the 2003 fixtures. It was desired to continue with most of these, subject to clarification about opponents' ability to fulfil a competitive fixture.

5.        Coventry Colliery had rejoined the Wednesday league. There were now 11 teams and each would play the others only once, leading to ten league fixtures. These would be followed by a cup competition in late July and August.

6.        Recruitment. 22 players would be needed every Saturday in 2004 and the club's playing strength would have to be increased by some five players to ensure this. Chris Stride had produced a draft notice to be placed on University notice boards; Lincoln Allison would provide certain missing information for Chris to include and would act as de facto recruitment officer.

7.        Some players would again be able to play twice every weekend once more, after short commons in 2003; Rob Burns, Neil Carter, Chris Cooper, Robert Pettifer, Mike Smith (most week-ends), Rob Wood.

8.        Some of the existing intra-University teams contained players of ability from amongst whom it might be possible to recruit for the Staff Club. The better teams were the Business School, Warwick Manufacturing, Biological Sciences, HRI (Wellesbourne) and the International Office.

9.        Selection. SNCL regulations stipulated that second XI players must not have played more than five games for the first XI.

10.     The 2003 method of notifying and confirming availability had worked well. Steven Cammiss agreed to run the scheme again in 2004. Selection would be made only from players who had notified their availability in advance. Email confirmation of selection to the team captain of the day was essential - failure to confirm would be taken as inability to play - and confirmations should be adhered to, once given, in all save exceptional circumstances. The system sounded draconian but was in practice simple to operate and gave captains some security in having eleven players on the field.

11.     Selection would be carried out by Steve Lamb, Steven Cammiss and Robert Pettifer.

12.     It was emphasised that players must not drop out late from the Saturday first XI under any normal circumstances, as this could lead to depletion of second XI ranks and an impossible situation for the second XI captain.

13.     Nets. The new indoor nets had been thoroughly endorsed by Warwickshire C.C.C. and by Loughborough University. Staff Club winter nets would be held on Fridays from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m., starting on January 9th 2004.

14.     Entry to the nets would be by the normal University card, by family ticket (36) or as a member's guest (2.10 per visit).

15.     The outdoor nets were still poor, indeed dangerous at pace. The University had gone up-market for a surface that would be responsive to changes in water content, but the experiment had not worked well. It might be necessary to revert to an unsophisticated concrete under-surface.

16.     There were too many people for the existing two outdoor nets, particularly early in the season. Alan Lovell volunteered to organise to make the best use of the facilities. It might be possible to lay more than two nets if a new surface were to be installed.

17.     There was some conflict between users of the outdoor nets and visitors from Coventry City F.C. who were accustomed to train on a nearby pitch. Terry Monnington could arrange for the situation to be avoided in future, but he needed to know that there was a problem.

18.     Grounds. The Roadside ground would in future be the first XI ground and would be kept open to the end of the season.

19.     It was notable that Lakeside pitches were better the further they were away from the mini-pavilion. Work on Lakeside pitches would be concentrated on those nearer to the pavilion.

20.     It was requested that the position of the boundary should be moved to take account of the position of the pitch actually being used. It was hoped to avoid boundaries of enormous length on one side when the end pitch on the square was being used.

21.     Tour. Home clubs on the Welsh tour were having increasing difficulties in fulfilling weekend fixtures. In 2003 neither weekend game had been against a Welsh club.

22.     Suggestions were made of a Monday-Friday tour, but this would be difficult for some players and could lead to fixtures on eleven consecutive days. The position of Llanidloes should first be determined. Preference was for the existing Wednesday-Sunday tour, despite potential difficulties of raising tour and two Saturday league XIs, but there was no complete answer to this problem.

23.     Equipment. It was inevitable that two bags would be needed in 2004, one for each league team. The first XI bag could be very slight in content because most of the potential players had their own kit.

24.     A realistic estimate of the cost of a full second XI bag was 370 if the kit were to be bought by the Staff Club. After discussion of developments in the finance of University sporting facilities it was decided not to buy any kit immediately but to wait until it had been settled whether the Staff Club was to be included with other University sports clubs for finance purposes, and if not to buy through the University for the greater discounts available.

25.     Steven Cammiss would be in charge of the second XI kit bag.

26.     Finance. The club was spending about 140 more than its income at the current annual subscription of 15. With the potential first-time costs of running a second XI, it was decided that the full annual subscription should be raised to 30.

27.     Umpires would be more frequently supplied in Division 1 of the SNCL. It was decided that their cost should be borne by those actually playing in the matches concerned.

28.     Teas. Especially with the greater number of afternoon games, it was essential that people should put themselves forward to supply teas, without the need to apply the Secretary's arm-lock.

29.     Player of the Year. Rob Wood was the clear choice for player of the year. His exciting batting, rapid run-scoring with a season's total of more than 1500 runs, and athletic fielding with a new club record total for catches held made him the natural candidate.

30.     Other Business. Thanks and salutations were offered to Andrew Hardwick for his contributions to the club on the occasion of his clearly premature retirement, after four years of playing and captaining.

31.     Heartfelt thanks were offered to Alan Lovell for continuing to stand as umpire in so many matches for the club. It was a pity that the SNCL rules prevented him from standing in the Saturday league.

32.     Dan Hall was the laureate match reporter, a perfect paragon of invention.

33.     Members would be asked whether they wished to accept an invitation to Willoughby C.C.'s dinner.

34.     The University pavilion was proposed for use for future AGMs.

35.    The SNCL Division 2 cup would be displayed in the pavilion, before being returned very early.