Thursday 14th December 2000

  1. Apologies were received from Chris Cooper, Alan Lovell, Clive Gregory, Chris Lamb, David Wilson, Mark Smith and Chris Stride.
  2. Present – 15 current members of the club, Lincoln Allison presiding.
  3. Annual reports from the chairman, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday captains were tabled and considered. In a wet season we had played a surprisingly large number of games, won more than we had lost, and been competitive in both leagues. Everyone who had played had enjoyed the cricket.
  4. Player of the year – Richard Dobedoe, an obvious and appealing choice, who took more wickets than anyone else at half the average of the next most successful bowler. Congratulations also to him for winning the Saturday league bowling prize, and to Chris Cooper for the wicket-keeping prize.
  5. Officers were elected as follows:
  6. Chairman - Lincoln Allison

    Club Secretary - Chris Cooper

    Saturday League Captain - Steve Lamb

    Sunday Captain - Andrew Hardwick

    Wednesday League Captain - Mark Smith, Andy Wootton covering in May

    Treasurer - David Storey

    Archivist and League Umpire - Alan Lovell

    Thanks were offered by everyone to the new officers, and to those who had served in the past year, who were the same people except for Robert Pettifer as Sunday captain.

  7. It was agreed that David Wilson would be asked if he would undertake the grounds liaison responsibility, since he was in such a good position to do the job
  8. There had been some doubt about who was responsible for the club kit. After discussion it was agreed that Andrew Hardwick would act as the entrepot for the kit, especially for Sunday games, where it was most needed. When needed for other games the captains would arrange between themselves how the kit would be transported.
  9. Andrew Hardwick would liaise with the treasurer about buying whatever kit was needed to bring the total up to the minimum required. This would be done by the time of the first winter nets. Thanks to Andrew for undertaking this.
  10. The treasurer’s report was considered; a triumph of brevity and husbandry. Bank balance £1207, outstanding for a mutual society. It was agreed that annual subscriptions would be waived for the 2001 season, with the proviso that if expenditure was heavier than expected there would be an emergency subscription, amount and timing to depend upon circumstances.
  11. One unusual expenditure would be the purchase of a pavilion clock for Llanidloes. Nick Boucher had obtained details from one manufacturer whose prices were in the range £240 to £300. Other manufacturers had still to be contacted.
  12. Thanks to Chris Cooper for continuing to organise the fixture list. There was a feeling that some Sunday fixtures obtained through the Conference had been too strong. It was decided that we should try to obtain fixtures before the season at the appropriate level rather than depend upon the Conference at short notice.
  13. The Welsh tour would be on 18th-22nd July in 2001.
  14. The Saturday league had lost Warwick County Council but had gained Woodbourne, who were old adversaries of ours. The league would be in good heart.
  15. We had lost several players and efforts would be needed to find new recruits to the club. Alan Lovell had retired, Jim Forbes and Ken Foster had left, Andy Wootton would be leaving at the end of May, Robert Pettifer was on Sabbatical leave in 2001 and there would be much less availability from the younger Allisons and Lambs in future. We should feel keenly the loss of playing strength, not to speak of the companionship of those who had permanently left.
  16. All available recruitment methods would be used. There would be an announcement in the University Newsletter. Every club document would quote the club web site All would use their personal contacts. The library team would be approached for contacts through Graham Leng-Ward. Richard Dobedoe would produce a poster with explicit cricket graphics for display widely throughout the University. Serendipitously, one new recruit approached us at the AGM; Matt Hodgkinson from Biological Sciences asked to join, and was welcomed.
  17. It was agreed that Lincoln Allison would write a letter of thanks to Terry Monnington and Robert Dyson praising the condition of the new grounds and thanking the staff for their efforts on our behalf. A counsel of perfection would suggest some improvements to the new covers and very occasionally to the timing of pitch cutting, but there was a strong feeling of gratitude for the great improvements in conditions already achieved.
  18. Two suggestions were made; that pitches should be covered automatically after cutting, and that the Roadside pitch should have two boundaries marked so that the boundary could be brought in easily when the pitch had been cut on one end of the square.
  19. The chairman and the Saturday and Sunday captains had met to discuss selection, and had agreed –
  20. to have availability sheets

    to have the option of leaving gaps in Saturday selection so as to ensure the most competitive Saturday side

    not to move already selected players from Sunday to Saturday solely for reasons of competitiveness

    to make selection a more open process.

    This was a loose agreement, designed to have the most competitive possible Saturday side without constant depredations on the Sunday playing strength.

  21. An illiberal suggestion of fines for those not fulfilling their commitments to play was quashed. It was however emphasised that players must declare their availability in advance and then keep to their commitments. Exceptions should be made only when subject to true force majeure.
  22. There was general acclamation for Chris Stride’s web site, which was worthy of any substantial organisation.
  23. Alan Lovell’s retirement as a player, though not thankfully as an umpire, was a big change for the club. There was wide appreciation for Alan’s long contribution as player, captain and trenchant adviser. Fortunately Alan will still be around to continue to give the advice. His summary of 25 years of Welsh touring was much appreciated (the 11th player in 1976 was Tom Manson).