Results from Stoneleigh Summer Sprint Race - 06/06/2007


If anyone can fill in the gaps please me

Very good turnout, much more than we expected. Thanks to those who allowed their map to be recycled, there will be spare copies of the yellow and micr-O available at Abbey Fields on the 13th June. There will also be a sprint map on display for you to copy the course from. You can also email the above address for a low-ish resolution JPEG copy.

The large numbers meant that, on my first attempt at using it, I didn't quite get the download software to work and some people's results were lost. I managed to do all but two by hand from the backup bits of paper we printed. Ant Walker and Lost Prophets (presumably not the Lost Prophets?), if you have your time please let me know (ideally send me a scan of your split-time printout.

Hopefully a comment from the organiser and planner, GG, soon.
Matt Rooke

Splitsbrowser - only those who punched the correct controls appear for the Micr-O


Solutions from the Micr-O - the control with a square round the number was correct

MicrO Solutions



1Matthew Halliday (M16)King Henry VIII 18:05 +15s (18:20)
2 Chris McCartney (M35)Octavian Droobers 19:08 +45s (19:53)
3 Mark Thomson (M40) Forth Valley 20:02 +15s (20:17)
4 Stuart Thomson (M16) Forth Valley 19:44 +45s (20:29)
5. Dave Marr (M55) Octavian Droobers 22:24 +15s (22:39)
6. Bob Brandon (M55)Octavian Droobers23:36
7. Liz Phillips (W40)Octavian Droobers24:02
8. Tessa Hill (W20)Birmingham University 24:59 +15s (25:14)
9 Sophie KirkKing Henry VIII 26:28 +15s (28:43)
LOST PROPHETS (group)No result, if you have your printout please email me a copy


1. Iain Embrey (M20) University of Warwick 15:31
2.Harold Wyber (M21)University of Warwick15:51
3 Jules Simpson (M21)Octavian Droobers 16:59
nc Matt Rooke (M20)University of Warwick17:11
4.Matt Halliday (M16)King Henry VIII17:19
5.Robert Buckby (M20)University of Warwick17:57
6.Jeff Colbert (M21)Octavian Droobers18:12
7.Ben Saxby (M21)University of Warwick18:26
8.Chris McCartney (M35)Octavian Droobers18:40
9.Mark Cummings (M21)University of Warwick19:06
10.Bruce Bryant (M50)Octavian Droobers19:07
11.Barry Elkington (M50)Octavian Droobers19:30
12.Richard Garnder (M50)Octavian Droobers20:09
13.Mairead Rocke (W16)Leicestershire20:42
14.Bill Nicolson (M40)Octavian Droobers20:45
15.Dave Thacker (M21)Wrekin21:08
16.Bob Brandon (M44)Octavian Droobers21:20
17.Tom McComiskie (M21)Army21:24
18.Jo Halliday (W18)King Henry VIII21:37
19.David Bray (M50)Leicestershire22:09
20 Jane Halliday (W45)Octavian Droobers22:09
21.Paul Furness (M50)Octavian Droobers22:51
22.Tessa Hill (W20)Birmingham University23:22
23.Dermot Lynch (M21)23:27
24 Rebecca Simpson (W21)Octavian Droobers 23:38
25. Mark Foxwell (M40)Leicestershire24:17
26. Liz Phillips (W40)Octavian Droobers24:25
27. Jeremy Higgins (M40)Octavian Droobers24:38
28. Peter Hornsby (M50)Leicestershire25:13
29. John Middler (M55)Army25:50
30. Craig Thomson (M14)Forth Valley26:14
31. Gareth Harrison (M40)26:38
32. Pete Guillaume (M55)Octavian Droobers26:51
33. Emma Kettley (W14)Octavian Droobers26:57
34. Lucy Lynch (W21)26:58
35. Elizabeth Rocke (W50)Leicestershire27:04
36. Steven Kennedy (M21)Army27:06
37. Tony Titman (M21)Army27:17
38. Kenny Molyneux (M35)Army27:26
39 Martin Cross (M60)Octavian Droobers27:26
40. Duncan Teed (M45)Octavian Droobers27:31
41. Mark Dobson (M16)King Henry VIII27:49
42. Robert Harris (M35)Octavian Droobers27:54
43. Amy Sarkies (W21)Octavian Droobers28:05
44. Ellis Bugyell (M21)Army28:14
45. Chris Dwyer (M55)Octavian Droobers28:21
46. Yen Nguyen (W21)University of Warwick28:27
47 Isabel Urquhart (W18)Octavian Droobers 28:29
48. Dave Arnott (M60)Harlequins29:13
49. John Bowman (M65)Octavian Droobers29:51
50. Robert Vickers (M65)Harlequins30:13
49.John Ward (M60)Octavian Droobers30:32
50.Miranda Aston (W45)Octavian Droobers30:50
51 Judith Guillaume (W50)Octavian Droobers 31:19
52. Jacky Embrey (W45)Harlequins32:21


Gill Dolphin (W40)Octavian Droobers32:56
54. Calum BametsonKing Henry VIII33:11
55. Sue Bicknell (W60)Octavian Droobers35:51
56. Penny Oliver (W12)Octavian Droobers35:52
57. Aimee MorseKing Henry VIII36:04
58. Rebecca Grier (W21)Octavian Droobers36:12
59. Hamish Rogers (M12)Octavian Droobers36:30
60. Zoe NicolsonKing Henry VIII36:33
61. Zoe & Neil Moore37:04
62. Viv Dobson (W50)King Henry VIII37:19
63. Greta Greenall (W60)Octavian Droobers38:42
64. Harrison McCartney (M10)Octavian Droobers39:22
65 Joanna ReadKing Henry VIII 39:57
66. Derek Jones (M65)Octavian Droobers39:58
67. Gillian Cross (W60)Octavian Droobers40:06
68. Mike Kemeny (M10)Octavian Droobers41:47
69. Mar Jo Kemery (W45)Octavian Droobers41:49
70. Claire Teed (W14)Octavian Droobers43:23
69.Anna Kemeny (W14)Octavian Droobers43:35
71. Karin Kirk (W60)Octavian Droobers47:53
72. Amy Oliver (W14)Octavian Droobers47:56
Ant Walker (M40)Octavian Droobers no result - if you have your printout please email me a copy
Carole Wright (W35) no start punch
no 1 to finish took 27:54
John Embrey (M45)Harlequins

no start punch
time: 21:17

Dave Marr (M55)Octavian DroobersDSQ
missing no 8
Emma Lamelegi (W21)ArmyDSQ
missing a lot
John Rocke (M20)LeicestershireDSQ
missing no 4
Lara SempleKing Henry VIIIDSQ
missing no 7
Mike Hampton (M60)Octavian DroobersDSQ
missing no 7
Ulli Ull (W50)Octavian DroobersDSQ
missing no 8


1. Jack Peglar King Henry VIII 10:10
2.Simrath DhillonKing Henry VIII10:38
3.Jake Dolphin (M10)Octavian Droobers10:52
4.George WebbonKing Henry VIII11:16
5.Bella Martin-WilliamsKing Henry VIII13:16
6.Ellie McCluskyKing Henry VIII13:18
7.William Bate (M12)Octavian Droobers13:54
8.Emilia LoweKing Henry VIII15:02
9.Heather Rogers (W10)Octavian Droobers15:45
10.Rosie HopleyKing Henry VIII17:05
11.Liz Urquhart (W50)Octavian Droobers19:13
12.Sophie Oliver (W10)Octavian Droobers19:58
13.Sophie Burne & Ellis McDonaghKing Henry VIII26:55
14.Lucy & Emma Grier (W6)Octavian Droobers38:45
Oliver HopleyKing Henry VIII DSQ missing no 1
Alana ChenKing Henry VIIIDSQ
missing no 4
Christopher LapworthKing Henry VIIIDSQ
missing no 4

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