The regular rites and practices of Warwick Sci-fi.

Games Meetings

When: Wednesdays from 2pm.
Every week we gather to work off the stress of the first half of the week and prepare for the second with an assortment of games from our library. This is the place to meet other society members and find out what is going on in the Society. If you want to get stuff out of the libraries then this is usually going to be a good place to find the librarian. There will be a general abundance of games-playing going on, from old classics to the latest releases and new players are always welcome.

Bar Crawls

When: Friday, weeks 1, 5 and 9.
Once an integral part of university life, the termly barcrawls are now the only chance to see some of the more reclusive members of the society, past and present. Everyone is invited, not just those who turn up to the mid-week games, so there's always someone to chat to - even if you don't drink.
All Day Barcrawl: Once a year, as summer examinations become nothing but a fond(?) memory, the society holds its annual All Day Barcrawl. Usually a few weeks before the end of the summer term, the all day barcrawl attracts past and previous members from around the country (world, in some cases), who are compelled to turn up and remenisce of days gone by.

Event Weekends

The society organises two weekend events each term for the delight and delectation of its members. First, at the end of week 5 comes the Games Weekend - a chance for die-hard gamers to try some of the more time-consuming games in our collection, and for the more casual of us to drop in for a few games of something shorter when things would otherwise be too dull. Then, as the holiday nears, week 9 gives members the chance to sit back and relax at our Video Weekend - two days of the very best (and very worst) movies and television shows ever produced by the Science Fiction and Fantasy communities. Not to be missed.

Birmingham Trip

When: First Saturday of term (2nd Saturday in term 1.)
Alas, as much as we'd like it to be otherwise, Coventry is not the retail capital of the Midlands. So, once a term we withdraw our bank balances and set off for greener pastures - in the form of Birmingham. We happily trawl across the city, pointing out the best places to shop, whether your looking for books, games, memorabilia, gadgets or just funky clothing.