The Sci-fi and Fantasy Society are omnipresent. What that means in this case is that we're always reachable, one way or another. Ignoring the innate psychic abilities of some of our kin, below are listed just a few of the ways we can be contacted...

By Email

The Society:
The usual route for all queries, requests, ideas, criticisms and so forth. The account is checked regularly by the exec, so there is the remote possibility that you may get a reply during your lifetime.

The Webmaster:
If you have anything to say about the website, you can send it straight to me. If you're wanting to add or remove something, this is the fastest way to guarantee that the information you provide will reach the site.

By Snail Mail

If you have the bizarre urge to put pen to paper, plonk our name or number (SU303) on the front and hand your missive in at Union North Reception. It should promptly wing it's way to our pigeon hole. There is probably an address to send us stuff from off-campus, but I don't know it yet. I'll keep you 'posted' *snigger*. Your best bet is to use the university address, with "Sci-fi & Fantasy Society" at the top.

In Person

If there's one thing that Sci-fi know for certain, it is that the Koan is the centre of everything. It is the axle around which the world turns (metaphorically, of course - we all know that it actually revolves around Bill Shatner's ego). As such, at any time when it's open, a number of Sci-fi are likely to be located in Xanana's Lounge, from which there is a good view of our object of worship.
Alternatively, turn up at one of our Wednesday meetings - we're a friendly bunch.