Secondary Positions

True President:
Anya, fluffy bunny with big pointy teeth

Male Tart:
Mike Longley

Female Tart:
Rashida Tingle

John's Bed

Society Beacon:
The Huw Continuum

Most Unnecessary Beard:
Claire Fiander

Quantum Existence Failiure:
Seb's Brain

Not A Member:
Megan Spurway

Not A Goth:
Dark (Goth) Chris

Not A Ginger:
Robin Brandon

Lazy Bastard:
Huw Jones

High Priestess of the Koan/Castrator General:
Megan Spurway

Red Cardinals of the Koan:
Dave Jones, Ben Wright, Andrew Jones

Historical Officer (Old Git):
Dave Jones

Society Tit:
Robin Brandon

Society Drunk:
No.177, Eastcotes, Tile Hill.

Society Victim:
Claire Fiander

Most Likely To Be From Another Planet:
Simon W. (Woroniecki?)

Society Lightweight:
Huw Jones

Society Lech:
Dave Jones

Wurst Speler:
Peter Tingle

Most Unlikely To Be Elected:
Mary, Queen Of Scots