When she first turned up to a meeting, way back in '95, Michelle was quite nervous about meeting all these new people and walking into a room in which she was the only female. Within the year however she had seen how the situation could be turned to her advantage and made a bid for power, strong as her position was, being one of the few women in the society, there was a candidate with better support due to being the only hedgehog in the society. However, as the hedgehog did not speak very loudly a spokesperson was required and Mich managed to gain this post. These days it is a debated matter as to whether or not Mich relayed the true wishes of the president, but when the president went missing Michelle took it upon herself to run the society in his absence. Rumour has it, (and these are just rumours mind, I wouldn't believe them for a moment) that Michelle had formed a group known only as department M which ran a program known as the Weapon X project. Some people, not nescessarily me, might say that Michelle used this 'Weapon X' to have the president kidnapped and that when he was found the president hadn't accidentally stab himself in the stomach whilst shaving but had been murdered by Weapon X. The rumours say that Weapon X went rogue and escaped from department M, that is if Weapon X truely existed. When the next elections came around, Mich, surprised everyone by not standing for president and instead taking the position of Publicity Officer. It is said by some, not me of course, that the new president was merely a figurehead to do Michelle's bidding and that he did not return after the summer due to some falling out or refusal to comply. When the president did not return from his summer vacation the remaining exec members declared a state of martial law, which exec members truely ran things is unclear and I wont even suggest that is was the Minister for Propaganda. When the next elections came around the state of martial law was ended and Mich did not even take a position upon the new exec, but it is rumoured that she still has her agents and now runs the society from the distant land of Leicester.