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Pool Club
Welcome to Warwick Pool Club’s new website!

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Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the club, including how to join, why to join, and information about all of events throughout the year.

We’re a friendly club who cater to all skill levels, whether you’ve just started playing and want to have some fun or are a serious player who wants to play in inter-university tournaments there’s something for you here!

Why you should join the pool club:

You need to be a club member to take part in any of our weekly tournaments or casual sessions (which are good fun and the cheapest way to play pool on campus!) as well as any other pool related events.
You’ll also receive a weekly email about everything going on in the club.

How to join:

If you already have a Warwick Sport membership you just need a standard club membership which you can get here

If you don’t have a Warwick Sport membership you’ll also need to pay the Off-Campus clubs fee which you can do here
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