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A collection of links related to what we've been watching recently and not so recently. Email me if you find some which really oughtta go on here.


Red Dwarf

Smeg. Ha ha ha.


Earth Final Conflict

I lost track of what was going on a while ago.

Fairly good links to EFC.


I'm working on it alright?



Stargate SG1

And what a great series it is too. This link goes to a fairly complete set of links (official and big ones) so there's little point me reproducing the whole page...



Star Trek

General Star trek sites I think, more links which are series specific down the page. You could always try I guess.

Star Trek: WWW

The Shakaar Society (Episode Guides)

Babylon 5

Yay! decent sci fi!

Official Babylon 5 site

Babylon 5 - Original Soundtracks

Interstellar Network News

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

There seems to be an unhealthy interest going on here... It is funny though. Except the ones that you watch with your housemates to proove how good it is. Damn.

Buffy Official Site

Absolutely Buffy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links


Past member Nic put this here. I thought it wasn't bad myself. Beats the hell out of "Blind Date" for Saturday night viewing though parts were a bit implausable such as the time they ran off with a nuclear battery or something.

Official Bugs site

The Hive

Deep Space Nine

Bald guy on a space station with a collection of oddball crew members. He likes to shout philosophy a lot and has bad dreams. Fairly good at times...

Bradley PsiPhi

Vidiot's DS9 Pages


Think we might show some more of this sometime. It's on Channel 4 or 5 at the moment late at night. A pain in the butt really. Well bizzare sci-fi

Official Lexx site

Splarka's Lexx Link Page

Tales from a Parallel Universe


Well I liked it, it was like X-files except noone else liked it. And I notice some of the series pictures for this page have mysteriously vanished. D'oh!

Official Millennium site

You can't stop it!

The Pretender

There was this guy who had escaped a goverment institution and he went round each week uh... pretending. To be someone else in fact. I think this was only shown as a joke really. Still someone liked it enough to build a website about it...

Official Pretender site

The Pretender

Quantum Leap

You must have seen this one? In my opinion (which I feel compelled to tell you all) it's just a soap with the use of Quantum jumping as a means for the cast to dress up each week.

The Accelerator Chamber

The Quantum Leap Information Page


Was a bit dodgy if you ask me...

Earth Prime - The Fans' Guide


Shakaar Reviews (Sliders)

Sliders: Into the Vortex


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Another bald person goes of about the galaxy in an attempt to pedal the script writers views on life. Probably. I haven't seen many myself.

Big Bill's Star Trek Stuff

Star Trek Quiz


Good God! What happened!

Bradley PsiPhi

Vidiot's Voyager Pages

The X-Files

I like this. Again not many people agree here on this. Go back to your Voyager and your Buffy I say!

Official X-Files site

The Complete X-Files Page

The X-Files Homepage

X-Files Resource Page II