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  • Whirlwind - Novel
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    [Review by Toby Davis]

    At a military base in small-town America, people are being murdered. The only witnesses are a bag lady who says a goblin did it, and a stoned woman who says a tree came to life. Sent down to investigate with two young FBI agents, Mulder and Scully find a wall of silence from the base, and someone doesn't seem to want them in town. It won't be long before the killer decides to play again...

    There's a two-sentence description of the series and characters on the back of the book. If you go by the writing, that's all Grant has read about the series. It's well-enough written as a book in its own right, but not as an X-Files book. They could be anyone, apart from Mulder and Scully. It may not matter that much, as the two he's written are the only ones out in paperback, so if you want an X Files book, this is what you'll have to settle for.

    It's strange that, as a horror writer, Grant's decided to write about a non-horror X-File, but it works well enough. The end isn't obvious, which is another thing in this book's favour; while the main characters aren't up to scratch, the rest are done fairly well. He won't win any prizes for this book, but there are Trek ones worse than it.

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    [Review by Toby Davis]

    It's another murder case for Mulder and Scully, but this time, guess what's killing the people? I'll give you a clue: look at the title. Faced with local law-enforcement who don't want them around (makes a change...), an unhelpful populace and New Mexico heat so strong Mulder has to change out of his suit, it's not going to be an easy job for the dynamic duo.

    As with Goblins, it's failry competently written, but not spectacular. What is better here is the characterisation. This is Mulder and Scully, down to his sense of humour and her... well, whatever it is that makes someone sound like Scully. It's been said that the plot isn't as good as in the other book; I'm not sure that either of them leaps out at you, but this is good enough to keep you reading.

    If you've got the money to spend, or a helpful local library, read "Ground Zero", the new novel not by Grant (and just out in paperback). Otherwise, this is the best X-Files novel currently available to you. Could be a lot worse, especially the characters. This is a book Grant shouldn't be ashamed of, and one you should read.


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    GROUND ZERO [Kevin J. Anderson]

    [Review by Colin Trump]

    A researcher at a nuclear facility, an old man camping in the desert, a Department of Energy executive and two soldiers in a missile complex deep underground. All dead, apparently the result of extremely localised nuclear explosions, and it's up to Mulder and Scully to discover why, how and who.

    This book could have come straight off the television screens with the main characters reasonably in keeping with their screen portrayal, plus the usual implausable solution and of course no way of ever proving it to be the truth.

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