• Red Dwarf Program Guide


    [Review by Nic Mayer]

    This book is divided into six sections, each dealing with a different aspect of Red Dwarf.  The history deals with Red Dwarf's beginnings - mainly how it got started and a brief description of how it later changed.  The character summaries give very detailed descriptions, so that it is instantly possible to know the life history of each of them (including Holly and Kochanski).  The episode guide does spoil every episode so far (up to and including series VII) but also gives some trivia about each of them.

    The index is the biggest section, detailing just about everything ever mentioned in any episode.  The books are summarised in much the same way as the episode guide.  An outline of the American pilot is also given, as well as a short history.  The merchandise section is the shortest, not because there isn't much, but because everything except the books and videos are only mentioned in passing.

    The photos are all from series I, II, VI and VII.  Many of them have been seen before, but are mostly from some of the best moments.  In general, this book is a good guide to Red Dwarf, making it especially good if you've missed any episodes and including enough information even for those who already know everything about the series.

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