• The Fifth Elephant
  • The Truth


    [Review by Nic Mayer]

    A new dwarf king is being crowned in Uberwald, and Commander Vimes is sent as a diplomat from Ankh-Morpork. However, unusual crimes have been occurring in both Ankh-Morpork and Bonk, and he is determined to find the reasons and the culprit. Sergeant Angua goes missing and Captain Carrot resigns in order to find her, and as a result Sergeant Colon is left in charge of the Watch - a job which he doesn't relish at all, at least not at first.

    Given that this is a Discworld book its unlikely to be that bad, and Watch books are always good, as they also involve a mystery to be solved. Many of the City Watch characters get an airing in the book, including a new dimension to Vimes' marriage and new information on dwarfs and how they live.

    The other interesting bits involve Angua's family, who are not happy about her leaving Uberwald, and they are also not above murder (although as werewolves, they don't see it quite like that). Its probably not the best Discworld book, even the best Watch one, but it is very good. As per usual, really.

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    [Review By Sarah Woodcock]

    A story about a cute pink poodle, the power of the written word, social prejudice and humorous vegetables.

    Boring huh?

    Oh well, it's also about death, deception, violence, evil plots and ****ing humorous vegetables. Anyway it's certainly more funny than a mis-shaped parsnip.

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