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Ah, the most visited page on the site. I don't have the imagination to change every entry here right away, sorry. If you've got something better, mail it to me. I do intend to gradually extend this right back to the beginning of the society.

President - Paul "Glaysher" Glaysher

Our glorious leader for the last two years; provided the tapes and, frequently, transport (the infamous red Mini). Likes to keep the rest of the exec on their toes by making surprise announcements. Will do anything for love - even that.

Secretary and Publicity Officer - Matthew Hall

Last year, this page accused me of: being called "Matt", being a member of the Conservative Party, looking like a member of the Backstreet Boys, being vegetarian, having a nose ring, supplying Babylon 5 tapes to the society, being part of a shoe family, and something about a "longstanding member". Several of these claims are untrue.

Treasurer - Martyn Gigg

Previously "Little Martyn", but the departure after eight and a half years of "Big" Martin McVay (godfather of the Warwick Mafia) clears up the ambiguity. Until we get another member called Martin. Or Martyn. Prepared for the testing role of Treasurer by his experiences in the Venture Scouts.

Librarian - David "Fresher Dave" Black

He's been here for two years now, but nobody has found a nickname he likes less than "Fresher Dave". Please feel welcome to try. Spends much of his time in a rather unconvincing attempt to convince us that he is evil incarnate. He's really quite sweet, and runs a hospital for sick animals in his spare time. Likes his knitting.

Notable members:

Rhona Maclean

Rhona wears lots of bright and colourful clothes and has a soft Scottish accent. Practises Scottish country dancing in her spare time. According to Baby Dave she makes fantastic breakfasts.

Tom March

Worryingly talented postgrad physicist who nevertheless lacks the critical faculties to recognise that Crossroads isn't a very good film. If he stares at you, pinch his nose and run away. And never trust him with a laser.

Eleanor Shaw

Previous social secretary and token arts student. Loves alcopops, shoes and Farscape. Eleanor's knowledge of Monty Python and Fawlty Towers is unnervingly detailed. Fan of Mr Rivron and his pin-striped suits.

Dave "Baby Dave" Taylor

Daves for Beginners: Once upon a time there were rather too many Daves in PhySoc, and Spice Girl names were allocated. Unfortunately, they stuck. Another figure on this page who isn't exactly regular at our events, but at least he is a member. I think. Can sing the bass line to most rock songs, no-one knows why.

Sarah Woodcock

5ft tall with 3ft hair. Sarah is also a geordie, this explains her violent tendencies. Expresses her friendship towards people by untying their shoelaces. Will do anything for bouncy balls - even that.

Notable non-members:

Neil Course

Some cheap old git who wasn't prepared to shell out an extra five quid from his PhD grant to help us run the society this year. Previous to this he was our longest-surviving member (but now I am. Mwhahahahaha.) Gave us some Farscape tapes to compensate.

Vincent Lynch

How Vince got onto this page is a bit of mystery. He's never been a member, never been to a showing, and regularly slags off practically everything we show. But ours is not to reason why, especially when it was Tom's doing. Vince seems slightly obsessed with Peter Mandelson.

Notable ex-members:

Richard Alderman

Social Sec 2000-1, Librarian autumn 2001, but never fulfilled his ambition of burning all those awful TV spinoff novels in the library and replacing them with proper SF.

Jon Bradshaw

Big fan of Tolkien and 80s music and has shaken the hand of Pat Sharp. Has taken out an injunction against the M-People after they plagued him with prank phone-calls. His autobiography will be titled "A Moaner and a Gentleman."

Jon "Fuzz" Conway

Stalwart of the Union's first aid provision and expert on military hardware and tactics. Is also known as Jaffa due to his experiments with cocktails. Proficient in the dances of joy and shame. He likes his beer too.

Amy Kirk

Previously the Bath Monster of Earlsdon Avenue North; now attempting to train herself to live a completely inverted sleep pattern. Winner of the "member who only comes along to socials" award (patron, J. Bradshaw) 2001/2. Needs new shoes.

Fiona Murphy

The Sofa Monster of Earlsdon Avenue North finally got up and works in a pub somewhere in Coventry. Which one is a closely guarded secret (from Fresher Dave).

Andrew Nelis

Likes a good whinge, or failing that a good pie. We miss him but luckily he left us with an Andrew Nelis simulator he made himself. Works as a swanky computer programmer somewhere in the vicinity of Reading. You shouldn't trust him with a laser either, but for rather different reasons.

Andrew Taylor

S Club 7's biggest ventilator! He knows all the words and all the dance steps. For some undisclosed reason is a teacher. Possibly the only person who reads this page any more. See, I changed it eventually.