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Yet another page pilfered straight from the old pages (God bless cut n' paste). Leads on from the Series links. Fan pages etc.

What was that? You want me to update this with links to stuff we're actually watching? Go to hell I say.

What was that? Some small child is trapped down the old mineshaft? Begone you flea-bitten kangaroo.

Babylon 5

Richard Biggs - "Dr Stephen Franklin"

Bruce Boxleitner - "Captain/President John Sheridan"

Jason Carter - "Marcus Cole"

Claudia Christian - "(Lieutenant) Commander Susan Ivanova"

Jerry Doyle - "Security Chief Michael Garibaldi"

Mira Furlan - "Ambassador Delenn"

Michael O'Hare - "Commander/Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair"

Tracy Scoggins - "Captain Elizabeth Lochley

Patricia Tallman - "Lyta Alexander"

Ed Wasser - "Mr Morden"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

David Boreanaz - "Angel"

Nicholas Brendon - "Xander Harris"

Charisma Carpenter - "Cordelia Chase"

Sarah Michelle Gellar - "Buffy Summers"

Alyson Hannigan - "Willow Rosenberg"

Anthony Stewart Head - "Rupert Giles"


Jesse Birdsall - "Nicholas Beckett"

Deep Space Nine

Rene Auberjonois - "Constable Odo"

Nicole de Boer - "Ezri Dax"

Terry Farrell - "(Lieutenant) Commander Jadzia Dax"

Colm Meaney - "Chief of Operations Miles O'Brien"

Armin Shimerman - "Quark"

Nana Visitor - "Major Kira Nerys"

Looney Tunes

Daffy Duck - "Duck Dodgers"

Marvin the Martian - "Commander X-2"

Marvin the Martian Again Because He's Cool

The Pretender

Patrick Bauchau - "Sydney"

Andrea Parker - "Miss Parker"

Michael T. Weiss - "Jarod"


Sabrina Lloyd - "Wade Welles"

John Rhys-Davies - "Professor Maximillian Arturo"

Kari Wuhrer - "Captain Maggie Beckett"

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Michael Dorn - "Lieutenant Worf"

John de Lancie - "Q"

Gates McFadden - "Dr Beverly Crusher"

Marina Sirtis - "Counselor Deanna Troi"

Brent Spiner - "Lieutenant Commander Data"

Patrick Stewart - "Captain Jean-Luc Picard"


Robert Beltran - "Commander Chakotay"

Roxann Dawson - "Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres"

Jennifer Lien - "Kes"

Robert Duncan McNeill - "Lieutenant Tom Paris"

Robert Picardo - "The Doctor"

Jeri Ryan - "Seven of Nine"

The X-Files

Gillian Anderson - "Special Agent Dana Scully"

David Duchovny - "Special Agent Fox Mulder"

Mitch Pileggi - "Assistant Director Walter Skinner"