Archived Videos from way back

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Notice: These videos are old, appologies. They shouldn't 404 now; everything here is on the server, and vice verca. =)


Chocfest X - Club Balance Final - Luke and Adam.avi

Cryfield's Sports Pavilion

Chris - StaffSolo1.avi
James Jochen and Adam - 3waypassing1.avi
Jochen - 3b1.avi
Jochen - 4b1.avi
Jochen - MultiplexedTakeouts.avi
Richie - PoiSolo.avi
Sam - ExtremeContactJuggling2.avi
John - Chops.avi
John - Mikes Mess.avi
John - Romeos Revenge.avi
James - Extended Mills Mess.avi
Lucas - Kickass Contact Freestyling.avi
James - 3 ball Freestyling.avi
Phil Ben and Adam - Takeouts.avi
Phil Ben and Adam - More Takeouts.avi
Unicycle Jousting.avi
Juggling Relay.avi
Limbo Round 1.avi
Limbo Finals.avi
Five Ball Endurance.avi
Gandini 1.avi
Gandini 2.avi

Outside Cryfield's Sports Pavilion

Richie - FirePoi1.avi
Phill - FireStaff2.avi
Adam - FireFlourish.avi
Adam - AttemptsFireChops.avi
Adam - CrazyJump.avi

The Bar

Adam and Jochen - 7bultimates.avi
Adam and Jochen - 2 count tripples.avi
Adam and Jochen - 3 count doubles1.avi

Sports Center Squash Court

Chris and Adam - 7clubpassingsingleswithadouble.avi
Chris and Adam - 7clubpassingtrippleandundertheleg.avi
Chris and Adam - 8clubpassing.avi Vids

adams vid

Videos I found that are not linked to, and are now!

Jochen - 4bpistons.avi
Jochen - 5b.avi