Who Are We?

University of Warwick Chess Club is a society that exists to enable people of all abilities to play chess either at a friendly or competitive level. We have five teams, each of four players, in the Coventry And District Chess League, with matches played most Tuesdays during the Autumn and Spring Terms, and this site is full of information and stats about our teams and the players who are involved in them. Warwick has one of the largest university chess clubs in the UK so you will never go short of a game, no matter what your standard of play.

If you want to join, or find out more about what we do, visit our Facebook page or write to an email address below. We have five teams this season, so we are looking for lots of new players.

Club Nights

We also have our club night, every Thursday in one of the meeting rooms in SUHQ (formerly known as Union North) between 7:30pm and 10pm - exactly which room we get allocated might change from one week to the next, but you'll be able to tell which one's ours by the chess board on a chair outside. This gives members a chance to play chess socially, usually short, informal games and variations such as 'exchange chess'. Special events take place every term, such as lightning chess (where you get 10 seconds per move) tournaments and the annual inter-university tournament. Our socials have become a great tradition in the club over the last few years. For anyone who hasn't experienced one, they involve drinking games, pool, poker, special awards - anything goes really, except for chess!

Coventry And District Chess League

The Coventry and District Chess League is a league suitable for all levels of chess players and accommodates beginners to very strongly rated players (although not quite grandmaster level yet). Matches are played in the participating clubs every Tuesday, running from October to March. The league is divided into 3 divisions for different levels of players with teams of 4 in each division. If you are interested and know a few people who would be willing to play in the league on a regular basis please click this link to contact Mike Johnson, the current league chairman who will help you establish your team.

The Coventry and District Chess League has its own website: www.coventrychess.co.uk

The venue for our home matches is allocated by the university shortly before the start of each academic year - our venue for 2013-14 will be posted here as soon as we know it. Away matches take place at a number of venues around Coventry and Warwickshire. Your team captain will let you know the transport arrangements for each away match.

If you are a new member and wish to join a team, contact the relevant captain. The approximate standard of next year's teams, in ECF grade, is expected to be:

A Team (Division 1): 120+
B Team (Division 1): 100+
C Team (Division 2): 80 to 120
D Team (Division 3): Beginner to 100
E Team (Division 3): Beginner to 100

Note: These are only approximate guidelines i.e. you will not be prevented from playing division 1 with a grade of 129 or denied entry to division 3 with a grade of 111.

If you don't have a ECF grade, however, we can still approximate it and put you in an appropriate team.

How to Join

  1. Log in at Students' Union website.
  2. Go to Chess Society Page.
  3. Add Chess Standard Membership - £3.00 to Basket (on the right).
  4. Press on a basket icon on top right and choose Review Basket.
  5. If you haven't joined any other societies yet, you also need to purchase a Societies Federation Standard 1 Year Membership.
  6. Press Proceed to Checkout button


Facebook group

Email: chess@sunion.warwick.ac.uk

President: Rowan Swiers