Slam Bidding

Cue Bidding

4NT Opening


Grand Slam Force

5NT is only GSF if a JUMP to 5NT has been made. After a 2C opening. GSF is the preferred meaning over a trump asking bid.


5M Raise

A direct raise of an agreed major to the 5-level shows interest in six, but suggest trump weakness. Partner should accept IF his own trumps are strong. EXCEPT: When there is exactly one unbid suit (or when the opponents have bid exactly one suit) when it means bid six if you can control the unbid suit.


Keycard Blackwood

Responses to KCB

egs.   1S  : 4S                 1S  : 2D
       4NT : 5C                 4NT = KCB in Diamonds.
       5D  : 5S
       5NT = bid a feature.     1NT : 4NT = non forcing BW

1S : 2S 3H : 4S 4NT = KCB in Spades. 3H not a cue but a "game try".

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