Responding to an Opening Bid

   1C  : 1NT = 8-10, no 4cM
   1D/M: 1NT = 6-9.
   1m  : 2NT = 16-19, responses as if opening 2NT.
   1m  : 3NT = 13-15, no 4cM, denies good 4c support if maximum.
   1M  : 3M  = limit raise, 10-12.
   1M  : 3NT = 12.5-14, balanced raise to 4M.  A new suit (NS) is a control

1M : 2NT = 15+ HCP and 4T+. Opener usually relays with 3C then: 3D = short diamonds. 3oM = short oM. 3M = short clubs. 4M = 15-16 balanced raise. 3NT = 17+ HCP, balanced raise - suggests cue. Alternatively, with a minimum hand and a shortage, opener may bid 3D, 3oM or 3M in a similar way. After any of these sequences, either partner may sign off, cue or KCB.

1M : double jump shift = a splinter bid of 11-14 HCP. It shows a singleton in the suit bid.

Single Jumpshift by Responder

Jump shifts show a very strong slam oriented hand with 16+ HCP or the equivalent, based on either very strong own suit or a good suit with 4+ card support for opener. They must not be two suiters. After the jump shift, responder shows which hand type is held by rebidding as follows:
  1. Balanced hand supporting opener - rebid opener's suit.
  2. Single suiter - rebid own suit or NT. Rebid of 3NT with M is F, with m is minimum JS based on semi-solid minor.
  3. Unbalanced hand supporting opener - rebid fragment suit, thus showing singleton or void in fourth suit.

To allow responder to complete the description of his hand, opener bids the STEP unless has a semi-solid suit or a big 2-suiter.

egs.  1C  : 2H
      2S  = step.
      2NT = two suiter 6+ clubs and 5+ spades.
      3C  = strong 6+ suit.  Minimum of KQJ9xx.

1H : 3D 3H = step. 3NT = discouraging, probably minimum with 1c D. Exception as substitution not needed to show 2-suiter.


  1. 1C : 2D and 1D : 3C shows strong raises of opener's minor. Now new suits show values and length, to start cues bid opened minor. 3NT is a suggestion to play.
  2. 1C : 3D and 1D : 4C are "single" jumpshifts but are always based on strong 6+ suit of own.

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