At the 3-level

3C/D/H/S are normal pre-empts, denies more than one A or K outside trumps and denies two aces. In response a new suit is natural and forcing and 4NT is Keycard Blackwood.


(1) If pre-emptor doubles, opponent's cue bid of his suit then this requests partner NOT to lead this suit.

(2) Transferring Captain's Hat: If opponents X a pre-empt or weak jump overcall, then XX = unsure whether to compete or defend. That is a hand with a fair fit for partner but some defense.

(3) Funny NT's and Suits: If opponents X or cue-bid over a pre-empt or non-vulnerable weak jump overcall then:- (a) Funny NT = any dubious NT call, partner to treat NT as natural until obvious otherwise. A funny NT shows a good fit for partner but next to no defense. Corollory: a direct raise shows SOME defense. (b) Funny Suit= A new suit may be lead directing, or of no significance or genuine. If the new suit is doubled (for penalties) the pre-emptor MUST not pass.

Five of a Major

Opening 5H or 5S asks responder to raise one-level for each top honour he holds in that suit.

Four Bids


7+ Major, little defense, 5-6 losers depending on vulnerability.


raise to 5M asks for trump quality.

new suit is an exclusion cue bid.

5NT is GSF.

Same responses apply after jump overcall to 4H or 4S after opposition have opened. eg. cue of their suit is exclusion cue.


7+ Major, one or two aces, 4-4.5 losers, no void, fewer than 5 controls. Examples:
x	    AKJTxxx	    x
AKJxxxxx    x		    AJTxxxx
xx	    KQx		    AJT9
Kx	    QJ		    x


step 1 = 2 key cards and 3+ possible cover cards.

step 2 = 0-1 key cards, sign-off.

step 3 = 3 key cards.

step 4 = 4 key cards.

Opener's Rebids

Bid of new suit is an asking bid. Substituting 4NT for the suit shut out by responder. Responses are:
step 1 = no control.

step 2 = 2nd round control.

step 3 = 1st round control.

step 4 = 1st and 2nd round control.

By making an asking bid opener is usually indicating that one keycard is missing.

Bid of 5NT indicates all the controls are held, invites responder to bid seven if he believes we have enough tricks.

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