Opener's Rebids

1NT rebid = 15-16, systemically denies a 4cM that could have been shown at the 1-level, unless you agree to play 2C as a staymanic type bid. Now,
2 suit = NF unless reverse.
2NT = GF, interest in contract other than 3NT, but not genuine 2-suiter.

3 suit = Natural GF.

Jump 2NT rebid = 17-18, systemically denies 4cM that could have been shown at 1-level as above. Now,

3C = Wolff sign-off, which forces 3D. Continuations:

Rebid in M is sign-off.

Rebid in unbid M shows values and concern about unbid suit.

3NT shows 4oM unless impossible, then shows concern about other M. Both continuations which show concern imply a fit for opener's minor.
eg.  1C  : 1S
     2NT : 3C
     3D  : 3NT = impossible to have 4cH thus
                 shows concern about H's.
                 Typically 4-1-4-4 or 4-2-3-4.
3D or higher = GF.

4NT = blackwood.

Non-jump 2NT rebid = 15-20, GF not willing to commit hand to 3NT.

Jump 3NT rebid from 2-level =15-16 and a doubleton in responder's suit.

Jump 3NT rebid from 1-level = 19-20 and NO interest in other likely games.

1M : 2M = 5-9, new suit now is long suit trial. Further raise to 3M is pre-emptive.

1any : 1M 2M : 2NT = game try or better (F). With maximum bid past 3M; with minimum, rebid "any" or 3M with 4 trumps.

Single Jumpshift by Opener

Four hand types after 1-level response:

If a simple bid in the JS is 100%F then type(1) is excluded, Note: Rebid at 1-level is not regarded as 100% F.

Powerful two suiter ("good suit of own")
eg.  AQJxx   1C : 1H
     Q       2S

GF hand with strong support for responder's suit - bidding a fragment:
eg.  AKx     1C  :  1H
     AQxx    2S
     x            Corollory:  1C  :  1H
     AJT9x                    4H  = balancedish 19-20 pts.
If responder has rebid at the one level (ie 2NT NF) then 19-20 balanced not wanting to commit hand to 3NT => 3+ support and/or goodish 5 card suit of own.
eg. (a) AKx    1C : 1H    (b) x       1H : 1S
        KQx    2S             AJT9x   3C
        Ax                    KQx
        ATxx                  AJx
If JS to 2-level, a hand with a long strong minor.
eg.  x	     1C : 1H
     xx	     2S

Responses to a Single JumpShift by opener:

Over a 2-level JS the step is FORCED. Now rebid of 2NT or the 4th suit (always 3m) shows opener has hand type (3).
eg.  1C : 1H
     2S : 2NT
     3C = type(4).
     3D	= type(3).
     3H	= type(2).
     3S = type(1).
Over a 3-level JS: Responder shows 3c support for opener's 1st suit or rebids a 5cM else bids a new suit to show a value/stopper.
eg.  1H  : 1S
     3C  : 3D = D value, denies 3cH or 5cS.
     3H  = 3cH.
     3S  = 5cS, denies 3cH.
     3NT = unable to make a cheaper bid.
A rebid of 3NT by opener shows hand type(3). ie: GUARANTEES either a 5cH suit or 3cM support for responder's major.
eg.  1H   : 1S
     3D   : 3H
     3S   = S set, hand type(2).
     3NT  = hand type(3) only 4cH thus 3cS.  Over
            which 4C/D/H are cues for S.
     4C/H = hand type(3) with 5cH.  Hearts are set.
To jumpshift to the 3-level when a simple bid is 100% F shows either hand type(2) or hand type(3).
eg.  1C    : 1H
     3D    : 3H
     3NT   = 19-20 with 3cH.  Further bidding assumes H set.
     Other = type(2), H's set.
To jumpshift to 3-level with type(3) when could have JS to 2-level denies control of the 2-level JS suit.
eg.  1C : 1H
     2S bid this on  Kx     but if swap SK and Cx then
                     AQx    bid 3D.
Responder shouldn't raise JS suit above 3NT unless he has 5c support. eg. 1H : 1S with AJxx bit 3NT not 4D. If opener 3D xx has types (1) or (2) he'll QJxx bid again. xxx

1C : 1S 3H : 4H exception, only shows 4cH but guarantees 5+S. Opener with first example in (3) can convert to 4S.

After a Two Level Response:

A jumpshift is a fragment and sets responder's suit as trumps.
eg.  1D  :  2C   with x
     3H               AJx

Double Jumpshift by Opener

Into a new suit = void and slam interest, sets responer's suit as trumps.
egs.  1D : 2C   AJx         1C    : 1H
      4H        -           3S/4D = void.
Rebid of minor suit opened = strong 6c suit, plus 4c support for responder's suit, good high card strength. Sequences are:
1C : 1D/H/S  and  1D : 1H/2/2C  also  1D  : 1H
4C                4D                  1NT : 4D = 6cH+4cD.
These sequences agree responder's suit and usually initiate cue bidding.

Jumpshifts in the 4th Suit

Single JS is always a fragment. Double JS is always a void. (setting opener's last bid suit as trumps)
eg.  1C : 1H
     1S : 3D = fragment, 4cS support.
          4D = void, 4cS support.


A fragment shows control of the fragment suit (ie either A or K). A possible exception is a fragment after a 1-level response where on RARE occasions opener may be forced to fragment without control. A fragment guarantees 4c support for the last bid suit.

Problem Minor Hands

After 1m : 1S, with a hand which would have qualified for a type(4) JS you must find another bid.
eg.  1C  : 1S
     2D  = with eg. hand in (4).
     3C  = marginal JS hand.
     3NT = Pray.

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