Opponents Intervene - We Have Opened The Bidding

(1) Opponents Double One of a Suit

(2) Opponents Overcall Naturally

(3) Direct Raises

A direct raise of opener's suit tends to be pre-emptive.

(4) Over 2NT for the Minors

If the opponents bid 2NT for the minors then:
Generally, if opponents make a two-suited overcall and both suits are known, cue of lower ranking suit is a good raise of opener's suit and a cue of the higher ranking suit shows a strong hand with the 4th suit.

(5) Constructive Free Bids

After intervention, bids at the 2 level and bids at the 3-level (iff the intervention was 2NT or higher) are NOT 100% forcing but are "constructive free bids". They show from a GOOD 8pts to a hand just short of a GF. Maximum of say 12pts or slightly more if minor suit interest.

The auction continues as if responder has made a simple 2-over-1 bid with no intervention, except that opener may pass with a bare minimum AND the following specific exceptions:

1D : (1S) : 2H : (P)   and   1H : (1S) : 2D : (P)
3C = NF.                     3C = NF.
But note, if 1S is raised to 2S then 3C becomes forcing (normal).

Corollory: A new suit or 2NT rebid by responder after he has made a takeout double is GF.

eg.  1C : (1S) : X : (P)
     2C : (P)  : new suit = GF.
                      2NT = GF.

(6) Fit Showing Jumps

Apply after partner has opened AND R.H.O. has made a bid (including double). Now new suit jumps guarantee 9+ cards in the two suits. The auction is forcing to the next level of the "anchor" suit.

Jumps into game are to play.

Note: Fit Showing Jumps also apply afer partner has overcalled and R.H.O. has bid.

(7) Enemy Pre-emption

1Y : (3 suit) : cue = raise of Y. 4NT = KCB.

1m : (4 suit) : 4NT = general slam try in opened minor(F). cue = freaky two suiter.

1M : (4 suit) : 4NT = general slam try in opened Major WITH control in opponents suit. 5M = slam try in Major WITHOUT control. cue = freaky two suiter. Other responses are described in sections (1) to (6).

(8) High Level Competition

General aim over pre-empts is to get to correct game not to bid "guessing" slams. Thus in the auctions not covered in (7) above, the cue-bid's major aim is to get to the correct game ie "choice of game cue bids". Hands with more than possible slam interest make a takeout double to begin with if one is available.
eg.  1C  : (1H) : X : (3H)
     4H  = choose a game.
     4NT = choose a minor suit game.
     X   = hand not strong enough to insist on game OR a hand
           which is going to slam if any encouragement from
           partner is forthcoming.

(9) Game Try Double

When there is no suit bid available, double is purely a game try. eg. 1S : (2H) : 2S : (3H) X = game try. When a trial suit is available, double is a game try but also conveys co-operation if responder chooses to pass (ie good high card strength, two plus cards in opponents suit) eg. 1S : (2D) : 2S : (3D) X = game try, but happy to defend if responder passes.

(10) Competitive Double

We have agreed a suit and opponents have bid and raised a suit or if a repeat takeout double is made in the direct seat. A double in these situations shows extras and a defensive hand. Its says I've got too much to pass.
egs.  1H : (1S) :  2H  :  (2S)
       X with AQx

1C : (1H) : X : (P) 2C : (2H) : X with KJxx Qxx Axxx Jx.

(11) NT rebids by Opener when Responder has made a Takeout Double

Keep up to strength. 1NT rebid shows 15-16. Non-jump rebid of 2NT shows 15-16, but may be a good 14 (double stopper) or ugly 17.
eg. with KJx    after  1S : (1S) : X : (P)
         ATxxx          ?
         Ax     bid 3D and hope for the best.

(12) Other Auctions

Other takeout Doubles:

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