Opponents Have Opened The Bidding - Overcalls

When partner overcalls, assume he has a minimum opening hand, although he may have up to 16 or 17 pts.

Cue-bid of Opponent's suit - if their opening bid guarantees

less than 3 cards then cue = natural ; 2NT = minors

3 or more cards then cue = highest plus lowest unbid suits. 2NT = lower unbid suits. Exception, in 4th seat: (1m) : P : (1NT) : 2m = both Majors.

Jump overcalls are weak, but when vulnerable will have a minimum opening hand with good shape.

Direct 1NT overcall = 15-18. Responses unchanged including transfer into their suit. If doubled, as if 12-14 NT was doubled in balancing seat. Except cue = strong single suiter and 2NT is GF two suiter.

(5) Responses to an Overcall

Direct raises tend to be pre-emptive.

1NT = 8-11.

2NT = 12-13.

3NT = 14-15.

New suit (non-jump) = constructive free bid (NF).

Jumpshift into new suit = good 6c suit, GF. But

Jumpshift when R.H.O. has bid = fit showing.

Cue = good H.C.P. raise, as if we'd opened and opponents had overcalled, or if R.H.O. had passed, could be any GF which is not single suited. If R.H.O. has bid a third suit, to cue that suit is the general GF.


(1D) : 1H : (P) : 2D = good H.C.P. raise or non-single suited GF.
                  2S = GF with 6c Spades.
                  3D = stopper ask.
                  4D = good raise with Diamond void.

(1D) : 1H : (X) : XX = includes general GF hands. 2D = good H.C.P. raise. 2S = fit showing, typically 5cS & 4cH.

(6) Protective Bidding in 4th Seat

After (1 suit) : P : (P) :
1NT = 11-14 continuations as if opened 1NT.

X = assume opening hand but may be less with good shape.

bid = 9-15.

2NT = 20-22. Usual continuations.

Jumpshift = 14-16, good 6c suit. Not quite good enough to double then bid 6c suit.

(7) Jump Cue-Bid

Shows solid seven card minor which is angling for 3NT.

About 12-17 pts.

Responder bids 3NT with a stopper (to play). With a poor hand bids his weaker minor to play. All other bids are cues (minor set) and 4NT is simple BW. 5C is to play 5 of a minor.

(8) Opponents open a Weak Two in a Major

X = takeout. Now reverse Lebensohl.

2NT = minors takeout.

cue = bid 3NT with a stopper. Strong Minor. With a poor hand and no stopper, responder bids four of his weaker minor.

4C = GF 2-suiter C + OM.

4D = GF 2-suiter D + OM.

(9) Opponents op..ak two in Major

X = 13-16 HCP balanced(ish) primarily take out.

2M = natural overcall. But possibly only strong 4c if short in OM.

2NT = 16-19 HCP bal

3 suit = natural.

4C = GF 2-suiter C + S.

4D = GF 2-suiter D + S.

With GF 2-suiter with hearts can (relatively) safely start with 2H

Same structure over (2D) : P : (2M) : ? as can't assume bid M is opener's Major.

(10) Opponents Flannery 2D

X = values, at least 5 cards (total) in the Majors.

2H = takeout.

2S = natural.

2NT = minors.

(11) Over 3NT Gambling

4 minor = both M and longer in this minor.

X = values, penalty oriented, creates a forcing auction.

(12) Defense To Their Strong Club

X = Clubs + Hearts / Diamonds + Spades

1D = Diamonds + Hearts

1H = Hearts + Spades

1S = Spades + Clubs

1NT/2NT = minors.

higher bids are preemptive and primarily single suited.

(13) Opponents Open 1NT

Double of 1NT shows about 15+ pts, maybe a couple less with a good suit or good texture. Responder to the doubler has a forcing pass available if the auction is BELOW 2S. If opponents run to 2H or below, pass by responder shows some values. All future doubles are penalty.

ASPRO 2C = Hearts + another. 2D = Spades + minor.


step 1 = forcing enquiry, doesn't promise or deny values.

2M = to play.

2NT = GF, 4+ support for M.

3 suit= inivitational, natural.

Responses to step 1:

"Rebid M" = 5+ suit. Now 2NT is invitational (natural); the step in a suit is to play in Asproer's 2nd suit.

Higher = 5+ suit only 4cM. Bidding 2NT to show 5+ diamonds.

A new suit by responder at 3 level is weak escape (unless step).
egs.  (1NT) : 2D : (P) : 4C/5C = convertible.

(1NT) : 2D : (P) : 2H (P) : 2S : (P) : 2NT = invitational, natural. 3C = step, to play in minor. 3H = weak escape.

Competition After We Aspro

(1NT) : ASPRO : (step) : X = competitive values, would have bid step. Takeout unless Asproer's 2nd suit.

(1NT) : ASPRO : (Higher than step) : X = penalty. New Suit = natural, NF.

(1NT) : 2D : (bid) : 3C/4C = convertible to minor. (1NT) : 2C : (2S) : P : (P) : X = good hand with spades (2nd suit). 2NT = takeout (always 5H).

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