New to juggling? First things first, check out the Facebook group. Ask any questions and find out anything you want to know. Check us out on Fridays 3-5pm in the IKEA Membership Space of the Students' Union (basically the atrium), although the most up to date info will be found in the FB group.

Quite possibly our title does not give justice to what we do; juggling is just the beginning! The skills of our members range from unicycling to diabolo, poi to contact juggling, and we even have a few people who can globe-walk. Over the years we have amassed several hundred pounds worth of equipment allowing you to try out almost anything you like, including unicycles and fire clubs. We aim to cater for all standards of jugglers, from complete beginners upwards, and have fun in the process. We're a friendly bunch of students happy to teach you or help you learn new tricks. Oh, and not forgetting going out to the Union and having a good time!

Don't forget to check out the videos, or talk juggling on the Facebook group.

When and Where

Our meetings are liable to change, due to the Union shizzle beyond our control. As such, please keep an eye on our Facebook group to keep in the know.

Don't Forget

Once you've registered for the society, remember to tell us if you have an email address other than your university one that you'd like us to use. Let us know by emailing us. Nothing will be put on the noticeboard that doesn't go into the emails first, so getting our weekly-ish email is the most convenient way to know what the society is up to.